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Soay sheepskin Rug - 100% British Run/throw/ or seat cover.
Size 86cms long by 53cms wide approx May vary due to nature of product

Sheep similar to the SOAY were introduced in Britain during the Neolithic period dates back to 4000BC .wool spun and woven into cloth for in the Bronze age Suitable for Saxon & Viking and all periods to date.


This most primitive breed is related to a short-tailed breed originating in Northern Europe and found, from prehistoric times until the mid 19th century, on the island of St. Kilda in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

A small, lean and very hardy sheep, usually horned. Without wool on face or legs, with lighter marks over the eyes and muzzle. Rams grow a thick, hairy mane. Its naturally coloured chocolate brown or tan wool sheds naturally.


Staple length 6-12cms


Every effort by the suppliers and by ourselves to ensure that the Rare breed Fleece is a SOAY, however due to the Tanning methods utilised we cannot guarantee 100% that this is a SOAY , We are however due to the Experience of our suppliers and subsequently ourselves comfortable that this is of the SOAY Type. Therefore if you for any reason do not agree with our identification for any reason will give you a full refund upon return of the Fleece. We then like to ask for your reasoning in order to improve subsequent screening processes.


SOAY Sheepskin Rug - Small

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