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Welcome to The Longships Return Shop

All wooden products have been made by myself unless otherwise specified, other contributors are my Mentor Chris Fowler, Blacksmith Stuart Machin, and leather worker Chris Illes.
I do take commissions, so simply contact us through either

Phone: 07977512259


Or find us face to face at Events around the country.

The Longships Return only uses wood from sustainable sources or reclaimed wood from known individuals.


For the Historical pieces, we attempt to use only the woods that were available during that period, and if we are able, we will use the actual wood type, however it's not always possible. We do use an electric lathe to produce the various wood turnings, as this enables the prices to be competitive.


We are active within the Re-enactment circuit, so are aware of a number of the regulations and authenticity requirements for some societies. We are prepared to make, to suit any societies regulations if details are provided.


The concept of the Longships return is based out from the fact that they came home. i.e returned full of gifts and plunder or they went "a viking" and returned to various lands to obtain the quality items or to trade the items made.


I have spent a number of years in education, and built a career upon technology and apprenticeships and specifically MI and Funding. As anyone who has worked in this industry knows its a challenge; regular new rules and a rather interesting climate. A chance comment to a Chris Fowler, changed my life to where we are today - producing wood turnings of various shapes and sizes. I am a member of the institute of wood-turning and promote wood-turning wherever I can as a great hobby and interest as is the Re-enactment which has certainly taken over our lives.

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