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he spear is one of the world’s most ancient weapons. It was a dominant presence on the field of battle for an amazingly long period of time. This particular blade form was put to use during a wide range of European history by a wide range of different cultures, from Ancient Celts and Greeks to well through the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Our Reenactment Short Bladed Spearhead is made specifically for re-enactment use. This spearhead is crafted with a bulbous tip and has blunt 2 mm thick edges. If using for reenactment, we advise checking specifications with your safety officer before purchase.

Overall Length: 25.5cm
Spearhead Steel Socket: 12.5cm
Blade: 13cm 
Width: 3.3cm 
Weight: 270g

Socket diameter 30mm -requires 30mm spearshaft. 

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Re-enactment Short Bladed Spearhead

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