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The Full combined version of the Petersen Type m Dane axe used by the Danes during the 10th Century and reputed to have been the Axe of choice of the Viking hero that held the English army at Stamford Bridge until he was dispatched by the under hand tactics of the Saxons.


Blunted for re-enactment use (minimum edge thickness 2mm) made from case hardened mild steel head and fitted with an Ash Haft of 5ft 4 inches in height , (1630mm) Made by Jackhammer Forge.


This is a recommend collect due to the High delivery Costs as this is classed as a very large item and delivery costs will be in excess of £35, if you do wish me to deliver then please email me at and i'll provide a delivery quote.

Petersen Type M DANE AXE Re-enactment AXE (Prop)

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