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A lucette is a tool used in cord-making or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking and Saxon and early Medieval periods, when it was used to create cords that were used on clothing, or to hang items from the belt. Lucet cord is square, strong, and slightly springy. It closely resembles knitted cord. Lucet cord is formed by a series of loop like knots, and therefore will not unravel if cut.


These Lucets are reputed to be a viking /saxon brading tool.


These are made from Yew and polished with beeswax colours may vary.


Check with your Authenticity officers to see if allowed upon your WYC as some societies are not happy with the provenance of the Lucette.


The current batch have been made from Yew wood and finished in beeswax .


Price is for 1 item only.


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