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8 Ft Lengths of 30 mm  diametre Ash poles to be used as double handed spear shafts OR boar spear shafts.


Due to the Length these are collection only. See Additional info below.


8 FT to enable fitting and choosing own length of blade. They have been sanded and linseeded to give longer and springier life . Recommend Sanding over and re-linseeding after every battle/ event using Raw linseed oil

These are collection only as far too expensive to ship, collect from The Longships Return OR from an event that you will be visiting see our events pages. or contact me direct on 07977512259 for options


Orders that come through will be given the option to purchse direct from the supplier but there is an additional suplement of £21.50 on top of the Fees charges. and they will not be coated in linseed.


There is no return on these if they break on the battlefield/training field, , unless its within a very short period of time, and its clear from the resulting pieces that there was either a fault in the wood or it has dried out.


These poles can also be used in construction as tent awning supports or supporting wic sides. Contact me in regards to having threaded inserts fitted to enable the spike to be removed for transport (saves damage to  car upolstory etc). 


Due to the Length these are collection only.


We do variants ie the cavalry javelins and lances - Email to discuss options


Double-Hander Spear (8ft/2.4m) Ash 30mm - Collection only

SKU: GS002
  • Due to the Lenght of this this is a collection only product. 
    The Cost to me to Despatch this item is OVER £35, However if you wish it to be supplied without the Linseed oil then i May be able to despatch direct from my supplier.  The Minimum postage is £21.50.  however its Still £21.50 if you order more.
    orders above 10 please contact me on 07977512259, or


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