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This is the starter level wooden cup, Entry level/child size.


Turned wooden cup.  May vary from picture as each are unique and individual; you are letting the Longships decide for you. These will be cut from a 3 to 3.5 x3 to 3.5  piece of Hardwood/ wood that would have been available during the Viking perid.) Finished cups may due to the process end up being smaller than the afore mentioned sizes.


All cups have been sealed inside and out and beeswax on the outside and food safe oil on the inside. The Bottom has had extra coatings of sealer to reduce the risk of any leaking through the bottom due to the method of turning (Natural process) however these are not recommended for hot drinks.


See our archive page for inspiration and contact us for a quote should you wish for a custom or replica bowl.

Please note that these also may need to be made (due to ongoing events etc)  so please allow upto 7 days*  for them to be despatched. 


Prices start from £14.00+


* This may be longer if an event happens bur we will do our best to despatch ASAP.



Standard Wooden Cup Size 1

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