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Additional extra figures for the Judge Dredd Game by Warlord Games

2000ad & Rebellion
2 figures, cadet Judge mounted on Lawmaster, and walking plus 4 cards for the game

Cadet Judge aka baby j 
Potential Judge candidates are usually inducted into the Academy of Law at the tender   age of five. Here, they are subject to rigorous academic training in all aspects of the law   that governs the North American Mega-Cities. By the end of the process, they have acquired a level of knowledge that would exceed those of the most senior lawyers and justice officials of the early 21st century.

In parallel to their academic training, they undergo an intensive physical and mental exercise programme that hones their firearms and close combat skills whilst also preparing them to endure the various injuries and physical   hardships that life patrolling the streets will throw at them.

Whilst the life of a cadet is mostly taken up by study and training, if a particularly serious situation or crisis demands the Justice Department deploy more manpower, cadets may be armed and sent out onto the streets, usually as part of a carefully monitored team engaging in fairly low intensity operation. 

Cadet Judge - Judge Dredd Game Additional Figure

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