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Navy 100% cotton shirt with teal and orange screen printed image. Available in sizes  SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE.  ( LAST FEW REMAINING) 


The shield wall existed for many centuries as a defensive tactic that your opponents army could break themselves on. Greeks, Macedonians, Romans and of course Anglo-Saxons and Danes all utilised the shield wall which consisted of warriors overlapping their shields and standing in multiple roles, therefore, providing an "impenetrable" wall where warriors gain protection from not only their own shields but also their neighbours.


In Anglo-Saxon times the shield wall (Scildweall or Bordweall in Old English) was commonly used since it was effective and required little skill on the part of individual soldiers many of whom were not professional soldiers. The majority of soldiers fighting in these battles would have been armed with a spear.


The use of heavy cavalry meant the demise of the shield wall as a common tactic.

Anglo Saxon Shieldwall / Scildweall

  • Please use the size chart below to determine your size.

    Please be assured that our shirts are of an adequate length so as not to reveal parts of you that you would rather keep hidden. This is a personal pet hate of mine and The Art of War,  we have taken care to ensure it will not occur with these shirts.

     Size Chest in/cm Length in/cm
    M 40/102 28.3/72
    L 44/112 29.5/75
    XL 48/122 30.3/77
    XXL 52/132 31.5/80
    XXXL 56/142 32.3/82                           
  • Our shirts have been made to last so take care of your shirt, follow the laundry instructions and it will stay in good shape and last you a long time. This is standard care for 100% cotton clothing but just to remind you...............

    • Wash at 40 degrees centigrade or below  
    • Do not tumble dry - dry naturally flat or on a hanger.
    • Do not directly Iron the printed surfaces. Iron the printed surfaces through a damp towel or from inside out.
    • Do not dry clean🐣
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