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Images shown with Protective covering to prevent rusting - requires wipeing off. 


This Shield Boss is perfect for reenactors who are making or repairing their own shields.

Outer diameter: 20cm
Inner diameter: 13.5cm
Depth: 6cm
Thickness: 1.5mm
Weight: 450g

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used in its manufacture. The steel is untreated and may have rust. To protect the steel you may rub it with mineral or synthetic oil.


Made in INDIA

8” Shield Boss 2 - 16 gauge

  • This Shield Boss does not come with Rivets or washers.  
    if makiing a shield you will need 5 rivets and washers for the Shield and an additional 3  for the handle.  usually 4 inch rivets will suffice for  most of the shield with a long 2inch for the one across the handle. recommend at least  another  2 inch and 2 inch and a half for the handle be used so:
    4 off. Inch long Rivets

    2 off. 2 inch rivets

    3 off.  inch and a half 

    9 off  Washers. 

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