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A Starter bowl, this picture of an ash bowl, but could be beech, maple or lime/linden wood  or another period/native  wood. 
Ash & Beech tending to be the most common variant. The shapes are based upon the various finds, from York, Hedeby, Dublin but as generic turnings normally  would have been found for all periods useing woooden utensils. 


Finished in Beeswax and foodsafe oils  so good to go, ideal for the Living history exhibit. or for one of the growing viking Saxon children of the Wyc. Could also be used by other periods due to it being made from a native wood of England.

Turned in the UK  Generally around 150mm (6 inch) Diameter 50mm (2. inch ), width & depth may vary slightly.

The above picture is a guide only. We do make bespoke and authentic size & shape but price on application.

Standard 6 inch Bowl

SKU: b11
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