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Specialising in authentic reproduction of Viking and Anglo Saxon wood work for
Re-enactment, the film industry,  theaters,  schools and anyone with the love of quality wooden products.
The Longships Return can provide you with hand-crafted wooden equipment including spear shafts, shields, bowls, benches, assorted furniture and much more.

We  also supply items to dress your Living History Exhibit, Theater /Film set or your home  and keep you warm at night with items such as Woven woolen Flokatis, Icelandic sheepskins, reindeer pelts and cow hides  & English  Rare Breed sheepskins such as SOAY and HERDWICKS
We can also provide service to other Eras such as Roman,  Migration period, Crusade, Wars of the Roses, Victorian, and WW1 & 2.

Please contact me with any specific requests; I like a challenge,  happy to look at any projects you have, and if I can't do it... I may know someone that can.