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The Britons had already established a wool industry when the Romans invaded in 55 BC, bringing with them sheep that were larger and had finer, white wool similar to the Ryeland and Romney. The time was ripe for further industrial development. By the 3rd century hard wearing British Wool cloth, said to be ‘spun so fine that it is in a manner comparable to the spider’s web’, was a major export, much of it to Italy. The Romans left their imported sheep to breed with native British flocks

Then developed by the monks of Leominster, near Hereford, over 800 years ago. Established as a breed in the 12th century.


Compact, robust and adaptable, with a heavily woolled face and legs. It has a soft white fleece which is densely grown with a springy handle.


Staple length 5-8cms


Therefore suitable for any Reenactment period from Roman through Viking Saxon and through all periods to modern day re-enactment - or even for use as a rug / throw in your home.


Every effort by the suppliers and by ourselves to ensure that the Rare breed Fleece is a RYELAND, however due to the Tanning methods utilised we cannot guarantee 100% that this is a RYELAND , We are however due to the Experience of our suppliers and subsequently ourselves comfortable that this is of the RYELAND Type. Therefore if you for any reason do not agree with our identification for any reason we will give you a full refund upon return of the Fleece. We then like to ask for your reasoning in order to improve subsequent screening processes.


Ryeland Type Sheepskin Large

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