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According to the British sheep and wool guide in around 865 AD the Danes invade bringing horned black-face sheep similar to the Herdwick, however we have also been informed that the Romans also utilised a sheep skin similar to the Herdwick in the building of some roadways, as the fleece didn't rot. However both pieces of information would indicate that these Herdwick type of sheepskins can be used in a large range of re-enactment periods, from Viking /Saxon to modern day. on your Living History exhibit or in the home - The Grey being the current in colour.


Two sizes available Small (£40) and large.

Note - the one supplied may vary from picture due to the individuality of each sheepskin.


Every effort by the suppliers and by ourselves to ensure that the Rare breed Fleece is a Herdwick, however due to the Tanning methods utilised we cannot guarantee 100% that this is a Herdwick , We are however due to the Experience of our suppliers and subsequently ourselves comfortable that this is of the Herdwick Type. Therefore if you for any reason do not agree with our identification for any reason will give you a full refund upon return of the Fleece. We then like to ask for your reasoning in order to improve subsequent screening processes.

Herdwick Type Sheepskin - Large

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