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This Heavy duty Sword, Axe, spear, & Javelin weapons rack can be made to your specific dimensions as they are made to order, adaptions to the cross beams can be made to harbor different weapons such as a non scabbarded sword rack on the front.

Great focal point for an armory, for your Living History Camp, enables a more secure area to keep your Swords, spear, axes , and javelins, helmets and shields, after training and battles.

There is no providence for the design for Anglo Saxon, OR Viking, but would not look out of place for Roman/ Crusade and any period upto bang sticks.

Fully jointed with mortise and dog toothed tenons to lock it together. Shields axes swords and any paraphernalia not included.


lead time is at least 4 weeks and subject to confirmation of size, design and wood availability.

Prices From £525



NOTE - the equipment is to demonstrate the rack this is not included in the price, price excludes, spears, helms, mail shields, and any other item other than the rack itself,

Heavy Duty Weapons Rack

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