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Note The Photo above is for guidance only and may not match excatly to the pelt supplied see information below: 


To buy a reindeer online is difficult as a reindeer pelt is so much more than its visual appearance, therefore the  Grey/Light Brown/Brown Reindeer Skin 110x70/80, is a type or a banding in which an assortment of pelts may fall into.


IF this type is chosen The Longships return will Send you photographs of a selection of stock that we feel represents the colour group. 
We will recommend one or two we feel are closest to the specification - All you need to do is to reply back to us and we will despatch you chosen pelt.


Alternatively  if your not sure then we can offer a visual whatapp tour/ presentation of the selection at a mutually agreeable time, where we will demonstrate/show off those within the grouping . ( a wider choice can be made available by arrangement) . You will need a smartphone with whatsapp installed and a data connection to enable this option. 


Reindeer skins  should not be placed in areas where there is direct heat, by radiators or main heat sources. They should not be used in high footway areas as the  hair tubes  will crush and break.


Reindeer Skins were used in Viking Saxon times, extremely warm, great coverage, A real must for your LHE (Living history exhibit), Use on or under your bedding or to cover up and hide those pesky modern pieces.

great for throws and for backs of chairs.


Grey/Light Brown/Brown Reindeer Skin 110x70/80cm

SKU: re11
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