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9 Ft Lengths of 31-32mm Ash poles to be used as double handed spear shafts OR boar spear shafts.


9 FT to enable fitting and choosing own length of blade. Also as a newby to enable them to fit the spear has generally up-to 3 times before being disadvantaged over the length of the spearshaft on the battle field. They have been sanded and linseeded to give longer and springier life . Recommend Sanding over and re-linseeding after every battle


There is no return on these if they break on the battlefield/training field, , unless its within a very short period of time, and its clear from the resulting pieces that there was either a fault in the wood or it has dried out.

These poles can also be used in construction.


Due to the Length these are collection only.


We do variants ie the cavalry javelins and lances - Email to discuss options


Combat/Trench Clubs - (Small)

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